I miss Shetland

There, I admit it. I miss Shetland. I miss the beauty, the peace and quiet, feeling safe, the wildlife, the sunsets, the people, the lack of traffic, the connection. I miss it all.

I’ve been home a few weeks now, nearly two months, and when I got back I threw myself into work. I’d started my secondment and I was desperate for it to go well, and I just couldn’t focus on my genealogy story anymore. I don’t know why, I just needed a break. One of the first things I did was cancel my subscriptions. I had plans to make a scrapbook of our adventures but everything went in a box and stayed there. I’ve barely rung my mum or stayed in touch with the family I so desperately want to belong to.

I don’t understand it.

I’m currently reading a book by Elizabeth Gilbert, an inspiring lady and wonderful author. Her previous biography, Eat, Pray, Love changed my life, so when I saw her book on a shelf in Smith’s I bought it. It’s called Big Magic. In it she talks of ideas being something that introduce themselves to you, and you can make a decision to work with them, or you can ignore them, or say ‘thank you but not today.’ I had an idea to write a book about my trip, and about my family history but I put it on pause. After reading Big Magic I feel like the idea is tapping me on the shoulder. ‘Hello Miss,’ he says, ‘I was just wondering if you and I were going to make this happen, because if not I need to move on.’ Well, Mr Idea, you and I have a project to get on with!

Here’s why I’m going back to my ancestry story. At the weekend, I received my Simmer edition of Coontin Kin the Shetland Family History Societies quarterly publication. Then, this morning I received an email from a person I had contacted on Ancestry months ago, because they had my 3x great grandmother in their family tree- which trust me, is very unusual. They said they would message me tomorrow and answer my questions. I can honestly, barely contain my excitement! Lastly, I just really miss Shetland. I feel very frustrated with life at the moment, especially my career. I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere and my husband is super stressed with his company. All I can think about it planning a holiday and taking him to Shetland so that we can relax together.

“But I, my dear one, fell in love with Shetland.

Jackie Kay

6 thoughts on “I miss Shetland”

  1. I’m a knitter so I am fascinated with Shetland because of the wool. We love to watch the crime drama Shetland. We both love the scenery. It makes me feel connected. Maybe you’ll end up there. It sounds like a good longing.


  2. Shetland is calling! I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch. I definitely know the feeling (I went through it for years up until last year when I found a new job I love). I believe we should do the things that make us happy whenever we get the chance to do them (though I know that’s easier said than done). I hope you are able to return to Shetland soon! Did the person on Ancestry have some good info for you? That’s exciting!


  3. Oh we’re ok, I think it’s just that stage in our lives, building careers and businesses and starting families, you always question if you’re doing the right thing don’t you? They didn’t get back to me even though they said they would so I’m still waiting, keep your fingers crossed!! Hope you’re good 😊

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  4. Oh writing a book sounds exciting Ali! But don’t put too much stress on your self.
    I hope the person from ancestry got back to you with some answers to your questions.
    We are always here, and get the fact that time goes by too quick with daily life!

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  5. Just for my own personal thing, its something I’ve wanted to do my whole life and now I have a subject I want to write it on, no pressure though. It will just live on my laptop unread I’m sure. I hope they get back to me to. I’m also excited as I think I have convinced mum to take a DNA test! I will let you know what happens, and with the bible xx


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