Welcome to Shetland

We’re here, we made it!

My mamma in Shetland

It hasn’t been a smooth journey, in the physical sense. Less than 48 hours till my flight I go to check the details on the Loganair website, only to be told my itinerary didn’t exist!

Booking woes!

A little scared on the Saturday night in a bank holiday weekend that no one would be there to pick up the phone, I did not sleep well. Petrified all my dreams and planning were ruined, not to mention my mum was already sitting in a hotel in Aberdeen waiting for me! However a quick phone call Sunday morning soon fixed the problem, (I had been booked on a bmi flight, except bmi went bust so the flight was cancelled and no one told me!), packing soon got underway again. Unfortunately this flight was 1.5 hours later than planned, but I was still scheduled on the same bus to the airport, meaning a lot of waiting around, but I got to Aberdeen eventually.

Aerial shot from my flight up to Aberdeen

We enjoyed a quick day in Aberdeen and took in some museums (the Tolbooth and the Maritime), and sightseeing, before boarding the ferry and the real part of the journey got underway.

Mum and I get cosy in the ferries sleeping pods

After a drink and some food we settled into our sleeping pods for the night. I get terrible sea sickness and woke up around midnight feeling absolutely awful, then remembered I was an hour overdue for my Kalms. I made it the whole trip without having to use the paper bags they supplied but the journey was definitely memorable. Considering there wasn’t really much wind, the slamming of the boat against the water and the rocking of the waves, it felt anything but calm. As we sailed into Bressay Sound however, it couldn’t of been more different. A fulmar flew against the boat as we piloted in, the sun shining brightly, we were in Shetland!!

Bressay Sound Lighthouse

We’ve been having a great time since we got here, and everyone has been so lovely and friendly. We’ve spent a lot of time in the museum and archives and a lot of time just wondering around taking in the town. We also had the honour of meeting our 3rd cousins, whom we shared stories and photographs with. They invited us to North Yell with them today, so that’s what we’re doing. It’s one less day in Lerwick but we don’t mind, their local expertise of the area, plus their family stories, will more than make up for a day away from the archives. It will just mean we need to come back another day to look up more research!

Shetland is so beautiful, I’m so glad we made the journey up here.

Bressay Sound from Lerwick harbour

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