Ancestry DNA: The results are in!

That’s right, much earlier than expected, my DNA results are in! They were due the first week of February and with the Christmas rush I was expecting a delay however they arrived yesterday.

My husband and I had plans yesterday morning so alarms were set to get up early, and in usual fashion I woke up before my alarm. Wanting to give him an extra 5 minutes I did what any normal millennial does these days and had a look at my phone, ready to clear my inbox and there it was, my Ancestry DNA results- I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of bed so fast! Sat in the lounge with the iPad and the dog, I opened the email….

My genealogy searching has taken a bit of a back burner this month. I’ve been busy at work and I also had a job interview to prepare for so I just didn’t have the time, (I got the job though!). My interview unfortunately clashed with my time off to go and visit my mum this month which was a complete pain. It also meant we didn’t get to the National Archives as I was planning, so I was really looking forward to my results to get back into my research. It was hard to fully take everything in yesterday as we were going out, but today, all I’ve done is look at my results and my family tree.

Yesterday on Dartmoor

In the last post, I gave a prediction of how I expected my ethnicity results to be. To refresh anyone’s memories I thought; Scottish, Irish and English and maybe a bit of Scandinavian- and I was 100% spot on!

My Ancestry DNA ethnicity

I really wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. Would I be disappointed if it was what I expected? Or would I be disappointed if it was different to what I thought I knew? In the end I was perfectly happy with what I found out. I was really happy to get the dash of Norway in there. My husband pointed out it was only 1% but I don’t care, it’s good enough for me.

In other good news my dads cousin, a Ferretti by marriage, appeared straight away as a DNA match. My third cousin, so no question of paternity here, (not that there ever was), my dad is my dad!

It was also nice to hear from some 4th and 5th-8th cousins. Some I can clearly see the branches of how we’re related, others are proving a little more puzzling but we’re working on it.

So far most of the people that I have connected with have all been on my fathers side, but there was one strong DNA match that may be able to provide my mum and I with some answers. I received another strong 3rd cousin positive, and it was a person that I had never heard of. Looking at how I was related to Ferretti, I figured the connection would be around great grandfather/ great great grandfather. The person is from Shetland, so I thought ‘there have to be some Scollay’s or Henderson’s in their family tree’, but there aren’t. In my mind this can mean only one thing, the barrier to one of my brick walls has just been broken!

I’ve sent them a message and I am awaiting their reply, I tried to be sensitive in the email. It didn’t occur to me until it was there in front of me, but the answers to my brick walls could devastate the people on the other side who may be completely oblivious. I’ve told them we’re a match, and I think I know how, but that the news may come as a surprise. I explained that they didn’t have to contact me if they didn’t want to know, and that it regarded my great great grandfather- I didn’t want them to panic! I do really hope to hear from them so I can investigate this fully. It has definitely bought even more questions to my mind.

Right now, I’m going to go and reply to my cousins that I never knew I had!

Til the next post,

Ali x

2 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA: The results are in!”

  1. Ali this is amazing! I am definatley doing this too. I can’t wait to see if your brick wall will be broken too. xx


  2. I really hope so to. They haven’t logged into ancestry since last June though so I’m not sure if they’ll get the message. I’ll give it a few weeks and then I’ll just do what I can with what I’ve already found out- I can’t wait to share it with you!


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